When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your little ones, it's important to consider their measurements.

Use the following sizing chart as a guide to ensure the best fit for our t-shirts, shorts, and rompers

Quinn 100% Organic Cotton T Shirt 

Age  Length Chest Sleeve
6-12M 34cm 30.5cm 8.5cm
12-18M 36cm 32cm 9cm
18-24M 38cm 33.5cm 9.5cm
2T 39cm 34.5cm 10cm
3T 41cm 36cm 10.5cm
4T 43cm 37.5cm 11cm
5Y 45cm 39cm 11.5cm
6Y 47cm 40.5cm 12cm


Ezra 100% Organic Cotton Short 

 Age  Length  Waist 
6-12M 22cm 39cm 
12-18M 23cm 41cm
18-24M 24cm 44cm
2T 25cm 46cm
3T 26cm 48.5m
4T 27cm 50cm
5Y 28cm 52cm
6Y 29cm 54cm


Taylor 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Bloomer 

Age  Length Waist Hip
0-3M 20cm 19cm 31.5cm
3-6M 21cm 20cm 33cm
6-12M 22cm 21cm 34.5cm
12-18M 23cm 22cm 36cm
18-24M 24cm 23cm 37.5cm
2T 24.5cm 24cm 38.5cm
3T 25cm  25cm 40cm
4T 26cm 26cm 41.5cm


Sage 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Hoodie

Age  Length  Chest   Sleeve
0-3M 30cm 31cm 15cm
3-6M 32cm 32.5cm 17cm
6-12M 34cm 34cm 19cm
12-18M 36cm 35.5cm 21cm
18-24M 38cm 37cm 23cm
2T 39cm 38cm 24cm
3T 41cm 39.5cm 26cm
4Y 43cm 41cm 28cm


Riley 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Bubblehem Romper 

Length  Chest 
36cm 27cm 8cm
3-6M 39cm 28.5cm 8.5cm
6-12M 42cm 30cm 9cm
12-18M 45cm 31.5cm 9.5cm
18-24M 48cm 33cm 10cm


Baye 100% Organic Cotton Romper 

 Age  Length  Chest  
0-3M 25cm 19cm
3-6M 27cm 20cm
6-12M 28cm 21cm
12-18M 31cm 21.5cm
18-24M 35cm 22cm


Remy 100% Organic Cotton Pant 

 Age  Length  Waist  Leg (Ankle)
6-12M 39cm 20cm 11cm
12-18M 43cm 21cm 11.5cm
18-24M 47cm 22cm 12cm
2T 50cm 22cm 12.5cm
3T 55cm 23cm 13cm
4T 61cm 24cm 13.5cm


Hayden Dungaree 

 Age Length Chest  Hip
0-3M 38cm 22cm 25cm
3-6M 40.5cm 23.5cm 26.5cm
6-12M 43cm 25cm 28cm
12-18M 46.5cm 26.5cm 29.5cm
18-24M 49cm 28cm 31cm
2T 50cm 29cm 32cm
3T 53.5cm 30.5cm 33.5cm
4T 56cm 32cm 35cm


Please note that these measurements are in centimeters and are approximate. They may vary slightly depending on the style of the garment since they are hand made.

It's always a good idea to size up if your little one is nearing on the end of the size range. For example your little one is 6 months old, we suggest you go for the 6-12 months size, rather than the 3-6 months.

If you have any questions on the sizing please do drop us a DM on Instagram, or reach out to us on, We'd be more than happy to assist.