Our Story

Meet Leanne

The founder of The Conscious Collective and find out why it all began

As a mother of three boys, I was always on the lookout for durable and comfortable clothing that would last through their daily adventures. I quickly realized that most of the options on the market were either poorly made or lacked any eco-considerations in their production & life cycle.

Driven by a desire to create a sustainable solution, I started to experiment with natural fabrics, taking inspiration from traditional styles and contemporary trends alike. I discovered the beauty and durability of timeless linen and organic cotton, and knew that I had found the foundation of my vision.

I wanted to create a brand that would not only provide parents with high-quality staples for their children, but also one that would make a difference in our planet's future. With an unflinching commitment to sustainability, we aim to reduce waste by offering consciously curated rentable capsules , conserve resources, and encourage a new way to wear childrens fashion

We hold the belief that enjoying fashion shouldn't come at the expense of harming the planet. Our commitment is unwavering as we continuously strive to innovate and pioneer the path towards a new era of a circular economy, one garment at a time