Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our subscriptions? Or exchanges? Take a look through our FAQs

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What is our subscription and how does it operate?

Conscious Capsule is a subsription granting access to a carefully curated collection of neutral unisex childrenswear. Pay a monthly fee, then freely rent and rotate items whenever you desire. Think of it like a library, but with clothes – and a lot cooler. No more purchasing, organizing, or storing!

What are the benefits of renting?

Let's keep it straightforward:

  • Avoid paying full retail prices; easier on the pocket compared to buying new.
  • Swap whenever you like – whether it's a growth spurt, or just a change in taste, hop online, message us and rotate.
  • Create more space! Say goodbye to storing tons of items for the future.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint (more on this below) 

Is it more sustainable?

Renting with our capsules is a sustainable choice that contributes to waste reduction. Opting to rent instead of buying new results in fewer items being produced. Moreover, our clothes circulate on average to 4-5 families before being resold, donated, or recycled, leading to additional savings on CO2 emissions and natural resources used in new production.
By supporting us and other brands committed to ethical and conscious production at high-quality standards, we ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain. 

What age ranges do you cater to?

Currently, our range spans from 0 to 6 years old. For our rentable capsules the sizing is 0-3 months to age 4 years old.
We are working on new styles to be added in order to incorporate them in our capsules for 5 - 6 years. This will make sure the offering is as strong as the younger capsules, so watch this space.

Ok, I have signed up - what's next?

Once you have signed up for one of our subscrptions & paid for the first capsule we will send you the options to pick from - and that's it! We will send them out and you wIll receive them in 1-2 working days

What if I accidentally stain or damage something?

While we all tend to take better care of things when we know they'll be passed on to another family, accidents can still happen. We understand fair wear and tear is inevitable, and we've got your back – no charges for it.
Here's what falls under 'fair wear and tear':

  • Stains (except permanent paint or marker pen)
  • Loose/lost buttons or poppers
  • Small nicks (under 2mm – easily repaired)
  • Wear to knees (because we want to make sure the kids enjoy playing)

We believe in a saving grace policy – for more significant accidents, the first one won't be charged. All we ask if that our customers are honest and inform us pre collection.
However; If we need to replace the item after that, we'll apply a fair fee policy, never exceeding the RRP. We consider factors such as:

  • Can the item be repaired?
  • Is the condition not good enough to continue renting?
  • Is the item no longer usable?

To break it down, we'd charge you the residual price of the item, which is the retail value minus the rental value to date. For example, if a top is 150AED, and you've rented it for 2 months, with a previous owner renting it for 3 months, the residual value would be 75AED.
These are judged case by case

What if an item doesn't fit once we've received our capsule?

Check the product page for comprehensive sizing information before ordering. However, feel free to initiate a rotation if you need to switch sizes as soon as you know the sizing is not work. We may need your size for another family, plus we want your little ones in our pieces!

What if I want to keep an item forever?

Send us an email, and we'll provide you with the residual cost of the item. We are working on getting this option into the website and automating this pre rotation as an option.

What is included in the subscription price?

  • Select 8 out of our 32 styles per rotation (Exc Quinn & Ezra styles for below 6 months due to the size range starting from 6 months)
  • Enjoy unlimited rotations. However we suggest you rotate every 4 -6 weeks, we will be in touch before your subsciption renews every 4 weeks for a check in and see what you wish to do
  • Receive sustainably cleaned and quality checked pieces every rotation
  • Benefit from coverage against wear and tear (see details above)
  • Free shipping & collections

How long can I keep the clothes?

You have the flexibility to keep the clothes for as long as you like, with no restrictions. While we recommend sustainability by switching items when your little one outgrows them, the choice is entirely yours. We do suggest every 4-6 weeks minimum

Do I need to swap everything at once?

No! you don't. When you decide to rotate, we'll check in with you regarding any items you wish to keep at home. Our goal is to maximize the utility of your wardrobe, which is much better for the planet since it supports circular fashion

How do I initiate a swap?

Simply drop us an email and we will take it from there. We will ask a few simple questions and then we take care of the rest, all we ask is for you to make sure the pieces that you wish to rotate are in the cotton bag ready for collection by our Courier

Do I need to reattach the hangtags to the garments?

Absolutly not! We want the hangtags to be used as we designed them - by planting them! These little tags are bursting with wild flower seeds so grab a pot, your kids and follow the instructions!